LOVE ME BAIT ME - documentary coming soon

What happens when almost every depiction you see of yourself is reduced to comedy, lesson-learning, or tragedy? As LGBTQ+ cinema representation has evolved over time, so has its mistreatment. With help from some of the movement’s leading experts, Love Me Bait Me invites you to experience the uprising that followed the single highest number of queer women deaths for a season of television. 

In 2016, queer women represented 2-3% of all tv characters—but 10% of all deaths.

43% of the lesbian and bisexual-identified women characters on US broadcast television were killed off in one season alone. As Elizabeth Bridges puts it: "Imagine if 43% of straight women characters were suddenly killed off from broadcast TV series in a stretch of eleven months. The impact would be tremendous." (Bridges 2018: 121)

These statistics are supported by: