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In 2016, queer women represented 2-3% of all tv characters—but 10% of all deaths.

During that 2015-2016 season, 43% of the lesbian and bisexual-identified women characters on US broadcast television were killed off. As Elizabeth Bridges puts it: "Imagine if 43% of straight women characters were suddenly killed off from broadcast TV series in a stretch of eleven months. The impact would be tremendous." (Bridges 2018: 121)

These statistics are supported by:

what is our vision?

Celebrate Intersectional Narratives

Illustrating the necessity and beauty in implementing authentic, holistic media representation 

Challenge Degrading Stereotypes

Demanding that our stories need not be limited to harmful tropes, unrealistic standards, or complete erasure

Cultivate a Culture of Humanization

Centering diversity as a means of encouraging acceptance and empathy for different truths and lived experiences

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elevating erased narratives

Bi/Pansexuality & Asexuality


Bisexual women often won't self-identify with the "B" word and are usually portrayed in the media as mentally unstable, flighty, and unfaithful. Pansexual and asexual folk are often erased altogether.

Trans & Gender Diverse Folk


Trans and gender diverse representation in the media is very much lacking, more often played by cisgender people. When it is existent, it tends to be problematic, stereotypical, and sometimes damaging. 

LGBTQIA+ Women of Color


Queer women of color continue to be drastically underrepresented in the media. Characters tend to be stereotypical or short-lived since they experience multiple intersections of marginalization.


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