To provide context leading up to the deadliest season of television for queer women..

...we recognize the importance of diving deep: from the Hays Code through the turn of the 20th century. While documenting the 2016 fandom backlash and this season's lasting effects on representation, we will also turn that lens inward and offer a constructive critique of the movement. 

As interviewee Chloe Tse puts it: “Power is in who gets to tell the story.” In our call to action, we will insist that the LGBTQ+ community and marginalized communities at large be hired in writers’ rooms and film/tv production. Too often, our narratives are told only by those who do not directly relate to our experiences. Writers’ decisions to rely on denigrating tropes—intentionally or not—render our community vulnerable to the powers that be. 

Industry leaders have taken a backseat to portraying genuine, authentic representation of queer people, people of color, disabled folks, and other marginalized communities. Love Me Bait Me aims to uncover this phenomenon and offer an alternative that inspires transformation and healing. 


Alex Berg, Journalist and BuzzFeed News Co-Host

Annie Elainey, Advocate and Content Creator (YouTuber)

April Funiestas, ClexaCon Audio/Video Coordinator 

Chloe Tse, Journalist and Co-Founder of The Feminist Project

Christin Baker, President and CEO of Tello Films

Delia Rawdon, Actress (IMDb)

Eboné Bell, Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Tagg Magazine

Eve Ng, Associate Professor of Media Arts and Studies & Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies of Ohio University 

Gretchen Ellis, Managing Editor of The Fandomentals

Javier "Javi" Grillo-Marxuach, Television Screenwriter and Producer

Joelle Monique; Freelance Writer, Host, and Black Girl Nerds Contributor

Kayla Marie Sutton; Marketer, Co-Host, and Black Girl Nerds Contributor

Kia Barnes; Comedian and Activist

LaShawn McGhee, Co-Founder of Revry Inc. and Head of Production of QueerX

Marceline "Marcy" Cook; Writer, Advocate, and Diversity Advisor

Mika Epstein, Co-Founder of LezWatch.TV

Jamie Broadnax, Film Critic and Founder of Black Girl Nerds

Ray Buzeta, Multi-Fandom Artist

Rowan Ellis, YouTuber and Speaker

Sage Anastasi, Writer and Author of "Quantify Your Gays: The Statistics Of Queer Death In TV"

Sam Campbell, Indigenous Scholar and Activist

Shelbie Cohen, Director of LGBT Fans Deserve Better

Tracy Levesque, Co-Founder of LezWatch.TV

Valerie Complex, Freelance Writer and Black Girl Nerds Contributor

And more to come!