The Clexa Project: Working Toward Better Queer Representation in the Media

A few words by The Fandomentals & Tagg Magazine...

"Alongside discussing the harmful depictions of white wlw characters, we must bring to light how women of color, trans women, and bi, pan, and ace women are often mis- or under-represented in media as well. We must pull everyone up together. The Clexa Project seeks to do just that...A group of dedicated activists, they seek to convey the necessity of positive and intersectional queer relationships in media. To better attain this goal, they are in process of creating a film documenting the reactions, thoughts, and stories of those most affected. In short, it gives voice to those whose voice has been silenced, ignored, or under-represented in this process: queer women themselves." 

 — Gretchen Ellis, The Fandomentals

"We know how it goes. Each time, we hope for something different but are met with disappointment again and again. We watch their development with eagerness, hoping that these beautiful queer characters will find loving and fulfilling TV or movie relationships. Then our hopes are dashed as the only characters representing the LGBTQ community are killed or denied happiness. Rachel Ward and Margot van der Bie experienced this in March 2016, when The 100 character Lexa was killed moments after her love scene with Clarke. Instead of suffering in silence, Ward and van der Bie chose to create a documentary that explores the positive queer representation movement..." 

 —Vickey Casey, Tagg Magazine

Shining A Light on LGBT+ Representation with The Clexa Project

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