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Who is "Clexa," and Why Them?

Clexa is named after two iconic LGBTQ+ characters, Clarke and Lexa, from the American tv show CW's The 100. Fans fell in love as their unique dynamic progressed, which portrayed two strong women in positions of leadership.

Following the sudden and violent death of Lexa (a mere 64 seconds after their love scene) the storyline inspired fans to push for positive representation and raised almost $175,000 for The Trevor Project with the help of  LGBT Fans Deserve Better.


Burying the "Bury Your Gays" Trope

The 2015/2016 TV season alone had managed to kill off an unprecedented number of queer women characters belonging to an already underrepresented community, further perpetuating the "Bury Your Gays"  trope.

The BYG trope is one of many that plague our community, carrying with them the implication that queer life is inherently tragic, comical, or deviant. It begs the question: what role does profit potential play in the decision-making process for baiting the queer community and disposing of LGBTQ+ characters at will?


We're Asking Ourselves...

How does the current state of our political climate influence our call for more positive media representation? Just how important is it that we have queer media as a form of entertainment and self care? 

Storytelling comes with an immense responsibility. It is an essential tool to not only provide an escape for young and older people alike struggling with their own identity, but to also provide new ways of thinking for wider audiences by opening a window into the diversity of today's culture.

Audience power and Media Representation

Interested in a brief history of the representation of women in media? Watch as our Director Rachel connects the Audience Power theory to some highlights from the queer representation movement that ensued Lexa's death.

This video was originally published on May 13, 2017, so please excuse any outdated references made in the video.

One of the main things that makes us human is...

"...our need to project ourselves into stories and onto fictional characters to work out the narratives of our own lives. Queer women have so few quality stories to choose from, and when we find one that resonates, and then find ourselves on the receiving end of a stray bullet again, it starts to take an emotional toll." —Heather Hogan, Autostraddle 

The Power of Queer Community


How does representation within the filmmaker/producer community affect the stories being told? How can we better support indie filmmakers already depicting quality representation? 

Keep Educating Yourself!

Everyday, we learn something new. As we challenge mainstream filmmakers to do better, we should also hold ourselves accountable to continually learn about experiences different from our own.

Your Story Matters

We think of kids in the closet. We think of families that aren’t accepting. We think of the Pulse Orlando tragedy. We think of anti-LGBTQ bills. We think of the heinous violence our trans sisters face.

Share Positive Moments!

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Fanart & Fanfiction

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Asking for help is brave. If you're in crisis, The Trevor Project is there to support you 24/7 at 866.488.7386. Remember: knowing what you need is a sign of strength.